Trendy vs. Traditional

The number one issue that we hear customers debating in our showroom is, “Do I want something trendy or traditional?”

It’s a difficult decision to make.  However, it really doesn’t have to be. We believe a lot of people over think this step of the process. It all comes down to making the right choice. The right choice is something you love, something you can see yourself living with for the next five, or ten years. It’s an investment after all.

For some reason, the backsplash is where a lot people take the most risks. They want something different, something interesting. Be careful, I also hear a lot of people regretting their decision wishing they would have done a more classic subway tile.

It’s overwhelming at the start. It’s okay. We’re here to help.

Piccadilly in White installed in a Herringbone Pattern.

Piccadilly in White installed in a Herringbone Pattern.

There are many things to consider.

We see it almost every single day, a customer struggling to find something to match all of their other materials. Chances are you’re overthinking it. While you do want to wait to find something that does speak to you and something that you do love, that process takes time.

Do you homework.

Weigh your options; look through pictures and inspiration galleries to get an idea of what you want. This is where you’ll figure it out. Go shopping; bring these photographs with you on your trips to all the tile showrooms and we’ll help you out!

Detail of Piccadilly in White

Detail of Piccadilly in White

f you still love trends and want to use them minimally, we have a suggestion for you.

There are ways to down play trends, and still use them. For example, chevron patterns are very trendy these days! And while this pattern dates back to ancient Greece, it can look traditional! Our suggestion is to not experiment with color and trends at the same time. Down play the pattern by using it in a subtle monochromatic scheme. An example would be a classic white subway tile in set in a chevron pattern. It’s trendy but looks timeless!

Happy Tile Hunting!